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The End Of My Aquariums

My last remaining tank was the largest at 4 foot, and for quite a while I have only had a solitary clown loach in it.  Today I was about to give the tank it's scheduled water change etc. which included replacing the filter media and noticed that the last remaining fish had died overnight.      I have just had a delivery of 6 months filter media that won't be needed now. 


Around My Aquariums

The following photographs are of some of the fish that I have had in my tanks over the years.  I have had more variety than these but unfortunately I haven't pictures of them all.


Updated - My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually) – Reprieve

You may have read my article My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually) published on 6th April 2016.  At that time I had 6 clown loach, 2 harlequins and 2 mountain minnows, and was thinking about not getting any more fish.

In January (2017), the only surviving fish left were, 1 Harlequin, 1 mountain minnow and 4 clown loach, so, I started to think about getting rid of the aquarium, decisions had to be made. 




My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually)

Having just given my 4 foot tank its fortnightly water change and general maintenance, it doesn't seem as easy as it used to be and I also have to persuade myself to do it these days.


Leaking Tank

For quite a while I have been thinking about just having 1 tank because maintenance is getting harder for me. Currently I have just 2 tanks after reducing slowly from 4 to 3 to 2, a Fluval 1200 Duo with 7 clown loach and a Fluval 800 Deep that has 6 small fish.