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Wood Owls - but first?

What am I? This 'stone' carving is in Pottery Lane quadrant of Stadt Moers Country Park in Whiston.


Most people that I speak to about it, like me are unsure what is is supposed to be.



Carr Lane Woods - Pond

Carr Lane Woods is a mosaic of woodland and open grassland that was once part of Huyton & Prescot Golf Course before the construction of the M57. The south of the site is dominated by a large pond, popular for angling. The pond, and adjacent Prescot Brook, form a designated Local Wildlife Site. 


Autumn in Stadt Moers Country Park - Slideshow

Autumn in Stadt Moers Park is slideshow of most of the images in my article Stadt Moers (Country) Park, Lancashire . With a additional photographs of the outside 'activities' dotted around the Park.


Tarbock and Tarbock Green

Tarbock, named after a local brook has seen many variations of spelling before settling for the current one.

This small selection of photographs were taken during my walks around Tarbock and Tarbock Green.



An Autumn Walk

Walking through Stadt Moers Park you can't help but notice the changing colours of autumn contrasting to those of summer.   

With the exception of the last 4 photographs taken on the morning of 31/10/2020 in Dukes Clough, Rainhill, the remainder are of Stadt Moers Park taken on the morning of 28/10/2020.

There is very little narrative in this album, I thing the photographs say it all.