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Model Railways

Novelty or Oddity

This is a selection from my locos, that I refer to as novelties, although you may think them oddities.



Layouts Update Video December 2014

A photographic update of my OO,HOe,G and Z layouts. - With thanks to Robert Trebec for permission to use his music.

Train in a Tin

A novelty Christmas present for the a model railway enthusiast. Smile


Our Model Narrow Boats

Before the introduction of engines, boats were pulled by horses and sometimes mules or pairs of donkeys. Almost all breeds of horse were used, but large horses were not always suited because of some of the lower bridges on some narrow canals.

Once motor boats were introduced the most common combination of working boats on the canals came to be a pair, a powered motorboat pulling an unpowered buttyboat.


Unwritten Rules.




Some unwritten rules: (tongue in cheek though not for the purists who will possibly cringe at them)


As far as I am concerned it's each to his own after all we should all be railway modellers in our own way and respect those that may not agree with us. Wink



Here are those: