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Canals, & Waterways

The Lancaster Canal Trust

Since its formation in 1963 as the Association for the Restoration of the Lancaster Canal, the Trust’s main objective has been to restore, and reopen to navigation, the length of the canal from Tewitfield, just north of Carnforth, to Kendal. In addition, the Trust aims to increase awareness and promote interest amongst all users of this historic and beautiful waterway, be they boaters, walkers, cyclists, or anglers.


Meccano Bridge & Picnic Area, Nob End, Little Lever, Bolton

The Meccano Bridge replaces a basic wooden bridge that allowed boatmen and horses to cross the top chamber of the (Nob End) Prestolee flight of locks on the Manchester, Bury and Bolton Canal, where the towpath changes sides. 


The Chesterfield Canal Trust

The Chesterfield Canal is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful and varied waterways in England. It runs for 46 miles from the River Trent to the middle of Chesterfield, linking Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

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Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal Society

Our Aims and Objectives

The Society's objects are to restore, reconstruct, preserve, maintain and improve the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal.


MBBCs Meccano Bridge

Frank Hornby was born in Liverpool in 1863 and although he had no formal engineering experience he invented Meccano in 1901.  He also developed and manufactured a number of other model kits and toys, including in 1909, the Hornby System of Mechanical Demonstration an educational set, in 1927, clockwork lithographed tinplate O scale trains, in 1934, Dinky Toys, die-cast miniature model cars and trucks, and in 1938, Hornby Dublo model railway system, this was however introduced after his death.  His  legacy lives on today through the international company of Hornby Hobbies.

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