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Model Railways

Riding The Rails - Video

A video of my 'OO' layout as seen from the cab and also the guards van.

New Arrivals - 009 Rolling Stock

I have for some time now wanted to add some 009 rolling stock to the Pleasure Park railway.  Bachmann are planning to release an 0-4-0ST Quarry Hunslet 'Dorothea' in the new year and so I decided when they do I will buy one and some coaches to go with it.


My latest 'OO' Project

Is a layout ever finished? A question that most railway modellers will answer no to, and I can vouch for that.

Looking at my OO/Hoe layout it seemed as though there was nothing else that I needed to do, but there was a part of it that I wasn’t very happy with. 


Track Dead Spots and Tunnel

I have been having trouble with dead spots on my OO layout, unfortunately some of them are in the tunnel.  This meant quite a lot of work.

 I intend to clean the track with IPA solution including in the tunnel. Most of the track is accessible with some stretching but the only proper way to do the track in the tunnel is to open the back of the tunnel to give me full access. 


Camping Coaches

Camping coaches were first introduced in July 1933, when there was a great deal of popular enthusiasm for hiking and camping as holiday activities. The coaches were old passenger vehicles no longer suitable for use in trains, that had been converted to provide basic sleeping and living space at static locations, off the main line.