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Model Railways

Locos from the 1800s

Photographs and a little about models of The Rocket, John Bull, Der Adler, The DeWitt Clinton and the Lafayette.


Hornby Live Steam Scotsman

 A Hornby Live Steam Double Tender Flying Scotsman, control system, rolling road and accessories, these were in 4 boxes that I was given most unexpectedly as a present.


Major Changes

I'm beginning to wonder if we should have started.

We decided to put an expanse of water at the back of the layout and also to included a canal., when we actually started I had my doubts about it being a good idea.


How It Started

Well in the Train Room Anyway

A Hornby R674 Midnight Freight train set for Christmas 1990 was the start of a layout that has been in 3 different rooms and in many guises.  The room that it is in now will be its permanent home, I think.  It has a baseboard 12 feet by 4 feet. 

Is a layout ever finished?

An early video of the Train Room 'OO' HOe Layouts.