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Amusement Park Update 2024 - 01

Opening with a photograph from February 2021, showing the Amusement Park Layout as it was then.

If you have read the Village Diecast Rally article, you will already know that due to changes to be made in the Amusement Park the vehicles had to be moved to a new site and the base board stripped of the fairground rides and stalls etc.



The Village Diecast Rally

This small additional project is due to the changes that are being made to 'The Amusement Park'

The diecast vehicles have to be removed from the park because more room will be needed when it is finished.  I don't have room anywhere else for the vehicles so a small addition to the right hand side of my main 'OO' layout will be added.


Amusement Park New Rolling Stock

If you have read my earlier article 'Diecast Rally' you will be aware that my OO9 Amusement Park layout is undergoing major changes.  With this in mind I am taking the opportunity to change the rolling stock in the park from a mix of OO9 and Hoe to all OO9 scale.


Maintenance Cradle

 This is my little corner for testing the locos and cleaning the wheels.




Foxshaw Gardens Amusement Park - The Video

OO9 & HOe I wanted to make more room on this layout and decided that the only way to do it was to move the castle back raising it over the track. To see how I did it watch the video