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Model Railways

The Garden Railway - 2021 (Part 1)

The winter months again were not very productive but come April once again progress was made. 

Chris finally manged to lay the track in May, hoorah I can now play trains again in the garden.


The Garden Railway - 2020

While this update is only a short one, a major change was forced on us.

As with 2019 that dreaded virus has been slowing down progress,




The Garden Railway - 2019

2018 For quite some time for varying reasons I had not been able to cut the grass, weeds and grass doing what they do, had completely taken over the garden hiding any signs of track. On the 10th October 2018 I decided that with it being such a nice day I would venture out and cut the grass.

 All was going well until my hover mower started jumping around and making a horrible grinding sound, yes you've guessed it, some of the track had been damaged. On the bright side the blade being made of hardened steel was undamaged.


Making The Railway Tunnel

This article is a photographic record of the re-building of our tunnel to nowhere. The original tunnel suffered deterioration and so a re-build was necessary.


Why a tunnel to nowhere, please read on. 


Making The Truss Bridge

If you have read the article The Garden Canal in this section you will know that we had put a river in the garden.  This meant that the track would cross the river near the base of the waterfall so a bridge was needed.

This is a pictorial account of how we made the the Truss Bridge.