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Model Railways

G scale oddity

On 25.01.2007 I won the bid on e-bay to buy a loco and tender as shown in the first picture, an LGB 91672 tender and an LGB 20040 'snowplow' with both blades although one is not attached, and also a Bachmann Porter body shell. The 'snowplow' was and still is in excellent running order.  Something for the youngsters to play with instead of my other garden locos.



Garden Railway - Night Time Filming

The first videos that I made were basically slide shows of photographs or video taken with my cameras. Even though theses videos gave me some good video footage, it didn't give me the cab view effect that I would like to film.

This is a short article showing the developments of my 'on board' video camera system. 



No Trains Today - or are there?

What a surprise when I got up this morning to see my garden covered with snow and the pond frozen solid with a covering of snow.


Thick snow on the tracks all services cancelled until further notice.



G Scale Passengers

For quite a while I have been considering adding passengers to my G scale coaches. Now that the coach lights have been fitted it has spurred on.


I already had some but not enough for the three coaches so I ordered more. 




G Scale Coach Lighting

I have decided to put lights in 3 of my LGB passenger cars or rather ask Robert one of my sons, to do it for me.

Robert explained that it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, certainly once Robert had worked on a 'wiring' diagram I realised just how complex this easy task was…..