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The Bridge

The basic pond is now finished but a bridge is needed. We started with a temporary crossing until we had a proper bridge.


The temporary crossing.

The new bridge, built from wooden fence posts and decking boards. It was designed and built by Chris. To the right on the garden you can see the temporary crossing. You will also notice three steps down into the garden.

The pond is looking good now with its new bridge, and the plants surrounding it.

We decided that we wuld have a garden railway and as you can see here changes had to be made to the steps down into the garden to allow the trains to pass under.

A close up showing the changes made,

We had also put a river in the garden to fit in with the track layout but we weren't very happy with it and so we decided to have a canal and not finish the river. In this picture you can see the start of the canal and staircase locks. More can be seen of it in the Garden Railway category. (See the links at the end of this article.)

The finished canal.

Further improvements by extending the side ropes on the bridge.

Starting to look good at last, unfortunately we had to puts nets over the pond, none of the heron deterrents worked very well. See the link to 'The link to Garden Pond at the bottom of this article.