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Holiday Routes 2007 & 2009

A couple more examples of the maps and listing for our cruises in 2007 and 2009 as described in the article How long will it take & how far can I go?

 Variations on The Warwickshire Ring - 2007

This year we decided to base our two week canal holiday on the Warwickshire Ring.  After planning the route we still had time available so we made a few changes during the trip.

We very fortunate in that we booked the first two weeks in June, and so we had no problems with the weather, in fact the only time it rained while we were actually boating was for about 45 minutes one morning.  The rest of the time we were moored up for one reason or another, but not because of rain

This section of a waterways map shows the actual route take

This is a listing of the final route taken

First published 02/07/2007

The Four Counties Ring and The Llangollen Canal - 2009

We had booked with Black Prince Holidays (again), starting on Saturday 1st August from the Festival Park Marina, Etruria, Stoke on Trent, and returning on Saturday 15th August.  Little did I know that when I visited the Stoke-on Trent Garden Festival in 1986, that I would return to start a boating holiday from there.

The Festival Park Marina, Etruria, Stoke on Trent - 1986

The highlighted canals show the final route taken, with the addition of part of the Macclesfeld Canal turning in the winding hole just passed Congleton, (we did just pop into the Caldon Canal to fill up with water).

The chart below shows the route in the order travelled.


The map is copyright but as you can see we have very kindly been given permission to use it.

First published 20/08/2009