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Amusement Park Update 2024 - 01

Opening with a photograph from February 2021, showing the Amusement Park Layout as it was then.

If you have read the Village Diecast Rally article, you will already know that due to changes to be made in the Amusement Park the vehicles had to be moved to a new site and the base board stripped of the fairground rides and stalls etc.


The reason being I have acquired more fairground ride kits and t Chris, my son has built them for me and as you can see there is no room for any additional rides so I decided to strip most of it and start again.  



Off we go again, baseboard stripped of the rides etc, and repainted with its first coat.  As you can see I haven’t lifted the track because it wasn't necessary and won’t affect the changes that I want to make.  


To start with I have added a road and car park for access to the park, I don’t know why I haven’t done it earlier. 

For effects I have fitted LCD lights with various functions to the Fantasy Castle. 


The holes from the original rides have been filled in and the baseboard painted again from beige to grey. Also a facia has been added to hide the castle lights, but they can still shine up and down.  


 The rides are all powered with the exception of the Helter Skelter.

The Chairoplane.


 The Swing Boats. 


 The Dodgems.


The Sky Wheel. as you can see it still needs quite a bit of work doing on it.


 The Galloping Horses, this was the very first ride that I purchased, many years ago.


 The Ferris Wheel. 



 The Helter Skelter


 Side Stalls: Shooting Gallery, Kentucky Derby, Squirt Gun, Ring Bottle, Frog Pond, Milk Can Toss, Pot Shot, Big Mouth Pig and Hooplah.



 Refreshments: Cafe, Hot Dogs, Pop Corn, Candy Bar and Ice Cream.  Others also added: First Aid Post and Information Hut. 


With a few exceptions the rides are now more or less ready to be returned to the park and be wired up. Each ride will be independently switched from the control box.  Some of the rides are 16 volt AC and some 4.50 volt DC, the 16VAC input is taken from my Gaugemaster Quad Controller. 

The internal circuitry enables each switch to operate independently both 16VAC and 4.5VDC outputs together and yet keep them isolated from each other.

Chris has been busy again and made this box for me,  I haven't looked inside to see the circuitry to enable it to operate this way and I don't intend to, it is so compact inside.




On my Gaugemaster Quad controller, track 4 will now be used for the OO9 railway in the park, to make this possible I have had to move the controller from its original position at the far end of the 'OO' layout and rewire it.  On the main layout track 4 was connected to a very short siding with station, but never used.  I have wired all tracks so that each loco goes forward when the control knob is turned to the right and reverse when turned to the left.

The reverse picture of the controller shows the actual wiring.


When more information is available I will publish it in article 'Amusement Park Update 2024 - 02'


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Published: 28/03/2024