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Pond Clean Up - Autumn 2023 (Pt 2)

Following on from my previous article published in September 2023, the pond has been emptied, cleaned and refilled.



 I have emptied the pond as you can see and I am in the process of cleaning out the sludge etc. and the remains of the plants. 


 The bridge lifted off  so that I can check the base for any safety issues, non found fortunately.  I can also check the lights and misters (foggers) on the frame under the bridge for any issues, again non found.



I finally managed to empty the pond despite a continued spell of heavy rain over a few weeks and clear out all the rubbish and the remainder of the plants stuck to side as shown above.

I have repainted and sealed the main base struts of the bridge and given it a coat of wood stain. 


Finally cleaned and refilled, I have discarded the flowering rush plants, and replanted some yellow and blue iris plants. 



Now I need to start on the garden and around the pond, autumn is a messy time in the garden and in the pond with all the wind blown leaves.  The one advantage when I had fish in the pond was the nets, these used to catch the leaves and stop them falling into the pond.


Roll on Spring.  




Published: 21/11/2023