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Pond Clean Up - Autumn 2023

The pond was starting to get overgrown with the rushes and the pond weed was out of control.   Also it was covered with the dreaded duckweed, in reality it looked a mess.  



The first two pictures taken in May are actually from my earlier article 'Garden Pond - Surprise

The Butomus Umbellatus, flowering rushes are starting to spread and get out of control.


Not sure if they are getting ready to fly or waiting for a train.


September 2023

Although the rushes do have a good show of flowers they are starting to take over

and there is no where for the for the ducks to swim 


 The plants have now been pulled up and put at the side of the pond as you can see, also

mixed with Elodea Densa oxygenating pond weed, it is now called Elodea Egeria

I left them overnight to let the creepy, crawlies and anything else that might be

lurking in there can get back into the pond.


My blue and yellow water iris saved to go back in the pond later. 


On the left of the pond you can see more  pond weed that I have taken out,

but still more to come out.  I don't have any fish in my pond now so there is no need

for oxygenation plants.  As you can see I do have a pond filter and UV clarifier to keep the water clean.



I have started to empty the pond to give it a good clean out

but the rain has other ideas.  



Click for Part 2 - UPDATE.




This is an extra picture to highlight the back of the water trough

showing mainly the 'G' scale track that was damaged by me when cutting the grass many years ago. 

The grass was completely overgrown for various reasons that I won't go into here. 

Note the BR wagon buffer repurposed as a stool, but not very comfortable.

A picture from August 2018 showing the track damaged in situ.

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please click the picture below. 




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Published: 20/09/2023