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Hornby Live Steam Scotsman

 A Hornby Live Steam Double Tender Flying Scotsman, control system, rolling road and accessories, these were in 4 boxes that I was given most unexpectedly as a present.


Hornby R2566 Limited Edition LNER 4-6-2 Class A3 Flying Scotsman

A cut away diagram of the Flying Scotsman (courtesy of Hornby)



The entire contents of the boxes.




The control equipment used with Hornby Live Steam locomotives consists of a Regulator Console and a separate mains transformer. The console houses the Steam Regulator that controls the electric immersion heater which is located in the locomotive's tender.

The Speed Regulator sends instruction signals down the track which control the locomotive's speed and direction. Each locomotive requires its own individual track and control equipment for full functioning operation.

No smoke units or special effects - this is real Live Steam, brought to you for the first time commercially in '00' gauge by Hornby. Such a revolutionary model has never been seen in so much detail, but thanks to the latest technology from Hornby, these nostalgic memories of real steam engines can be replicated with your own model.


Originally Published 03/07/2009


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