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Amusement Park New Rolling Stock

If you have read my earlier article 'Diecast Rally' you will be aware that my OO9 Amusement Park layout is undergoing major changes.  With this in mind I am taking the opportunity to change the rolling stock in the park from a mix of OO9 and Hoe to all OO9 scale.

The proprietors of The Amusement Park is to sell off all the entire HOe stock by auction (ebay) and has purchased Welsh carriages and a couple of quarry Hunslet locos.

Out goes the the following Continental HOe Stock::


Roco 0-6-0T 33201 Industrial Tank Loco ‘Anna’...

Roco Class 99 0-6-0T 33241 Feldbahn Tank Loco No 99 4313.

Roco 0-6-0T 33201 Industrial Tank Loco ‘Rosi’.


Eggerbahn Bo-Bo P13 Articulated Steam Railcar No10.

Jouef (Egger-Bahn) P17 Steam Tram No 102 ‘Fiery Elias’ .


Decauville P43 2nd/3rd Class Coach X 3

Decauville P44 Luggage/Passenger Coach X 2


Liliput 711 Zillertalbahn Car - Passenger 2nd & 2nd class.

Liliput 712 Zillertalbahn Car - Passenger 1st & 2nd class.


Liliput (Bachmann) L370001 Boxed set of 3, 2nd class coaches Ep V, numbers 3694, 3724, & 3692.



Jouef Decauville 0-6-0T P10 Industrial Tank Loco ‘Steatite’

Decauville P40 Balladeuse Passenger Coaches (toast racks) x2





IN -comes OO9, all stock is Welsh


Bachmann 0-4-0 391-051 Hunslet Tank Loco ‘Britonart’ Pen-yr-Orsedd Quarry

Peco GR-505 -Tallylyn Railway (GVT) Glynn Valley Transport 1st Class Coach

Peco GR-500 -Tallylyn Railway (GVT) Glynn Valley Transport 3rd Class Coach

Peco GR-530 -Tallylyn Railway (GVT) Glynn Valley Transport Brake Coach (Freelance)


Bachmann 0-4-0 391-053 Hunslet Tank Loco ‘Dorothea’ Dorothea Quarry

Peco GR 551 – Ffestiniog Railway FR Bug Box 1st Class Coach.

Peco GR 556A - Ffestiniog Railway FR Bug Box 3rd Class Coach X 2

Peco GR 561 - Ffestiniog Railway Ffestiniog Bug Box Coach 'Zoo Car'



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Published 24/02/2023