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Garden Railway - Night Time Filming

The first videos that I made were basically slide shows of photographs or video taken with my cameras. Even though theses videos gave me some good video footage, it didn't give me the cab view effect that I would like to film.

This is a short article showing the developments of my 'on board' video camera system. 



The evolving DVD cameras 

These first two pictures show a vey basic wagon that I put together to carry my first video cameras to make videos of my G scale garden railway. it worked well with the bulky cameras. 


However this was far too big and bulky to make videos of my indoor OO layout. My son bought me a Sports DV camera, far smaller and more compact that my earliest video recording cameras.

Whilst in my local model railway shop I noticed this second hand Hornby wagon for sale, it is the wrong era for my layout but this doesn't matter the main thing is that it is very free running. As you can see I have taken the top off and added a piece of foam cushion on the base to stop vibration..


Time to try it on my OO layout, very basic, but it it gave me the effect that I wanted.  I am really pleased with it for my OO layout.  You can see the videos that I made on my YouTube channel, the link is at the end of this article.


So to adapt one of my G scale wagons for this little camera. I chose to use a Scientific Toys gondola that I had. I had already replaced the wheel and bogies with LGB ones so that it would run with my garden railway stock. I took of the top and again put a rubber cushion on it to stop vibration.




These setups with the new camera worked very well, but I wanted to make some garden videos during the  night.