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G Scale Passengers

For quite a while I have been considering adding passengers to my G scale coaches. Now that the coach lights have been fitted it has spurred on.


I already had some but not enough for the three coaches so I ordered more. 




On the left are some of the ones that I already had, to the right the ones delivered as G scale, obviously they are the wrong scale. 


The supplier wanted me to send them back at their expense, however the cost of return to China was excessive so in view of the cost the supplier gave me a full refund and said that I didn't need to return them.

Apart from the initial error, the supplier very quickly sorted out the issue and promptly gave me my refund.

I decided to order from an English supplier, they were more expensive but at least they are the right size. 

The new passengers seated with the ones that I already had.


Pictures of the passengers seated in the coaches, I have used double sided sticky tape to secure them.


From above.



From the sides.






The three coaches completed.




With and without lights


The loco at the top is an LGB Dampflok, BR 99 2 2115, model number 21151 and below an LGB TA Europa Corpet Louvet 030T, model number 21780.





Published 01/12/2022