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Our Garden Pond

The garden has never been planned in its entirety, it has just developed into what it is by adding to and changing what was already there and this will continue.

I always wanted a pond in the garden but like most people would not have one because we had youngsters in the house.  It was eventually kick started after my son and me built a pond for a friend.

To my surprise a couple of days later I came home from work to see Chris digging the hole.

Over the next few days we boith got stuck in and finally finished it. This was probably the biggest change in the garden for years because I am not a keen gardener. We decided about 8 feet x 6 feet would be big enough, but the more we dug the more buried treasure we found, well ok then junk. This is Chris talinkg a well ewarned rest. The pond actually ended up about 14 feet long x 8 feet wide.

These are just a few pictures of the development. The liner is in, time to fill it up.

The basic pond filled and with a very basic temporary crossing until we sort out a proper bridge.

Now flagged around the edges with a newly built bridge. The bridge is built from wooden fence posts and decking boards. It was designed and built by Chris and as you will notice most things are, Dad supervises it's much easier.

Next up was a waterfall: The first attempt.

The waterfall has gone through many changes and nothing seemed to be just what we wanted, we tried various options and decided to make a trough. It is basically a small water garden fed by the pond filter with a controlled overflow into the pond. You may wonder why the garden is in such a mess again in this picture. It is because we had decided on another major change, a Garden Railway. You can follow the setting up of this in, the Model Railways, Garden Railway pages.

The pond is established even though overgrown with plants, so we had to thin them oiut.

At first sight there may not seem to be any obvious changes in this picture but if you look at the right hand side of the bridge you will see that it has been extended. This was necessary because of the garden railway track