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Wood Owls - but first?

What am I? This 'stone' carving is in Pottery Lane quadrant of Stadt Moers Country Park in Whiston.


Most people that I speak to about it, like me are unsure what is is supposed to be.



It has been confirmed that when it was first made it was p\inted black body with red spots, and is a ladybird.





Now to the Wood Owls or should I say wooden owls.  These carvings have appeared in the Tushingham Quadrant of the park, all that I know about them is that an elderly man carves them and he comes with his son to find a suitable spot and his son attaches them to the tree stumps.


Owl 1:



Owl 2:



Unfortunately owl 2, was broken off it's tree stump and went missing but was later replaced with owl 3.


Owl 3:




I regret to sat that owl 1 has now been broken off and is missing, to date it has not yet been replaced. 


Over the last couple of days 2 more have appeared but as you can see these are higher up the trees.







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Published 25/06/2022

Updated 05/08/2022