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The Garden Railway - 2021 (Part 2)

Following on from July 2001 progress has been made to the point where I can now run trains.

I have also done a bit of work on the locks, but not enough yet to fill them with water.  The bad weather has held me up with this, I need dry weather to give 3 coats of G4 special paint to line the canal and locks.  This will possibly have to wait now until spring.

To continue with what has been done...........




.......... this first set of pictures shows  me sealing into place the aqueduct, with crazy foam as I call it, to give it its proper name it is expandable foam.

The first set showing the foam when dried and the second set after tidying it up.





The aqueduct is now firmly fixed in its place.

Chris was going to make some fencing but this was a long tedious process and in the meantime we came across some plasterer's stop beading.  Although it is not meant for what we have used it for, we feel that it looks the part.

In the next couple of pictures I have made a start with the fitting of this beading.



This picture gives a better idea of what the beading looks like. 


Throughout these articles it seems as though Chris does all the work and I just watch, well I do, do my bit. 

But wait... enter my other son Robert here he is soldering electrical braiding (1mm desoldering wire) across the actual track joints where the connection is not as good as it should be, he wants to do all joints on the track for better connectivity so who am I to argue.  Chris is an engineer and Robert an electrician both fully qualified.  From my point of view an excellent team, and I am not bad at making cups of tea and coffee for them. 




The first stage of braiding finished, Robert has decided to finish off the fitting of the rest of the beading strips.

You can see my handy work to the right of the picture on the track, the drinks.  



All the fences are fitted with the exception of  some minor alteration at the edges of the strut bridge.

I suppose many things can spring to mind as to what Robert is doing here. On the top of the beading there is a recess and he is fitting string lights, (as shown in the inset) in the gap out of sight