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The Garden Railway - 2020

While this update is only a short one, a major change was forced on us.

As with 2019 that dreaded virus has been slowing down progress,




The final picture of 2019 was the preparation of the ground to plant grass seed.  I did this, but then we had a long dry spell and even with continued watering the seed didn't grow that well.  My solution prepare the ground again and turf it.


Here the turf has been laid and is bedding in.


Tidying the garden around the locks.


Now for the major change I mentioned earlier.

The boards that we had used for the track base had to be replaced, some of them had warped.  This plywood was sold as marine ply, given three coats of quality yacht varnish as recommended, so what went wrong

It was bought from a reputable DIY chain store?  Was it marine quality ply? I will never know the answer to these questions.

Chris decided that we would buy some recycled plastic boards.  I had taken all the old boards up so Chris used the curved pieces as stencils for the new base.

The next two pictures show Chris cutting the boards. 



Showing the ply base boards removed before Chris fits the plastic base boards.  


The plastic base fitted just as the rain starts to come down heavy.

The strut bridge and base board are not yet fitted and when finished will be removable as one unit.


From a different angle.a


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Published 12th July 2020