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Steam Junction - A Work In Progress


Little did my wife know that when she bought me a Hornby Flying Scotsman loco to be displayed on the mantlepiece that it would lead to Steam Junction.   Whilst it did look good on the mantlepiece, I hinted it would look much better on a layout so this is how it all started. 




This is the start of my colliery based layout in 2018, here it is very much in the early planning and development stage. 


The start of it all - the famous Flying Scotsman.


2 years on following an unplanned delay it is now 2020 and work has re-started.

I am making the scenery from polystyrene in modules.  This will make things much easier should I want to change things around later.


More modular scenery again made with polystyrene.


The bridge and farm buildings are made from Metcalf cardboard kits, which I feel are excellent products.


The engine shed and chimney showing my favourite loco the 'Scotsman' and pannier tank, both are good runners.


The village church with a small wedding party - topically the number of guests is limited due to the current lockdown.


I have made the cliff scenery with wrapping paper and cardboard.    

The sheep are roaming on the newly added grasses.


The colliery section is slowly taking shape.


Another view of the colliery with a bridge in the background. 


I have constructed the trees around the farmyard with armatures and foliage 


More to follow as the work continues, it is a 'Work in Progress'