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Model Railways

Novelty or Oddity

This is a selection from my locos, that I refer to as novelties, although you may think them oddities.





These first two locos are fictitious.

G scale - Aristo Craft LIL' Eggliner


No proper scale (but runs on OO track) - Bachmann London Underground Ernie1



Private companies often made snow ploughs (snowplows) out of old left over bits of locos.2 examples:

G scale LGB - Deutsche Bahn Snowplow


G scale LGB/Bachmann - Snowplow.


Inspection vehicles.

As with snow ploughs companies utilised all types of vehicles for track inspection and to just get around.  Here are 4 examples:


G scale LGB - Hand powered 


Bachmann HO scale - Gandy Dancer.


More conventional vehicles.

G scale USA Trains - Speeder.


G scale Brekina - VW Van (railbike)

There are of course many, many more, there doesn't seem to be any criteria for these vehicles other than, 'they had to ride the rails'.







Published 17/01/2020