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Forced Changes To My Garden Track

For quite some time now for varying reasons I have not been able to cut the grass in the back and weeds and grass doing what they do had completely taken over the back hiding any signs of track.


A short while ago, being such a nice day I decide to venture out and cut the grass. All was going when until the mower started jumping around and making a horrible grinding sound, yes you've guessed it, I had cut and mangled some of the track, on the bright side the blade being made of hardened steel was undamaged.

 Chris suggested waiting until spring and raising the track, so, we will lift all the track and lay it higher but not sure yet how or by how much. I have also decided to just to have a simple single track around the garden.


I will update this article when the track is laid, but in the meantime please visit Boats and Canals for regular updates.


Published 14/05/2019