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N Scale Update Phase 1 - February 2019

This article is based around the church, churchyard and vicarage.

It has been stripped down completely and rebuilt.





From this


To this.


a) The church and yard.

It is getting difficult for me to lean over and work directly on the layout and so I decided to make as much as could as a module and then add it to the layout.

b) vicarage,

I will do the work for here on the layout.

Measuring the base for the church and yard.


You have heard it said that a bad workman always blames his tools. well I am going to blame mine at the offset.

I wanted, no needed to make two lychgates and as you can see gate (c) was not very good so it went to the crushers, this is one thing that my hands can get right. Just in case you haven't realised the bad tools are my hands.


A selection of photographs showing the progress.




Back to the layout, the base for the vicarage is laid.