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New Arrivals - 009 Rolling Stock

I have for some time now wanted to add some 009 rolling stock to the Pleasure Park railway.  Bachmann are planning to release an 0-4-0ST Quarry Hunslet 'Dorothea' in the new year and so I decided when they do I will buy one and some coaches to go with it.



In preparation for this I have purchased the following Glynn Valley Tramway coaches:

Peco GR-500, GVT third class coach.


Peco GR-530, GVT freelance brake coach.


Peco GR-505, Tallylyn GVT first class coach.


 The trio of coaches.


Two different photographs of the actual loco that is in production by Bachmann.


Until it arrives these are two of the locos that I will use.  

'Rosi' number 5 an industrial Austrian 0-6-0T loco scale HOe by Roco and 'Steatite' an industrial French 0-4-0T, class 020 Decauville loco, scale HOe by Jouef.


Rosi with the coaches.


And now some with Steatite.


Finally in this section a couple of GVT coaches in the yard awaiting restoration.


When the new loco arrives in the new year I will update this article.


Published 31/08/2018

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