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Model Railways

Multi Train System Control

After laying the track and using a simple analogue controls system we decided to change to an LGB Multi Train System (MTS). So that we could run with full control more than one loco at once including the points (turnouts).  To do this we had to install control chips in the locos that didn’t already have them fitted, this also gave us the added control through the system of steam, lights and sound through the chips.

Garden Railway MTS Control System Indoor Cupboard 


A description of the parts numbered in the diagrams.

1 - 55006 - LGB MTS Central Station III

The MTS Central Station III offers control for up to 23 loco addresses, points control and other functions. 

2 - 50118 - LGB Transformer

The transformer rated at 100 VA 18VOLT 5.5A,AC delivers power directly to the track. 

3 - 8134501 - Massoth DiMax Navigator

This wireless hand held control offers a variety of enhanced features no other remote control offers. You control your locomotive and send a switch command at the same time. With a range of approximately 100 ft in buildings and 300 ft outdoors. 

4 -8132001 - Massoth DiMac Radio Control Receiver

The DiMAX RC Receiver enables a Massoth or an LGB® MTS III central station to communicate wirelessly with up to 8 Massoth wireless Navigators at the same time. The DiMAX RC Receiver is based on the latest state-of-the-art bidirectional FM technology. To ensure operation without interferences from other devices, the receiver is equipped with an integrated set of DIP-switches that allow the user to select one of 4 radio frequencies for communication. 

This is housed outside in a weatherproof case.

5 - 55060 - LGB MTS Computer Interface

With this interface, your PC can control decoder-equipped locos, points, signals and accessories on your Multi-Train System layout. Create on-screen control panels and pre-programmed train routes with automatic speed control and automatic switch and signal control. Add the 55070 MTS Feedback Interface, and the computer can even respond to sensors on your layout for fully automatic control. Requirements: Computer with RS-232 interface and control software.
Control software for Windows 95/98 is included. 

Unfortunately we never got round to installing this on the PC, so this module has never been used.

6 - 8175001 - Massoth DiMax PC Module

This is used to update the firmware of Massoth DiMAX Digital bus components such as the Navigator, the feedback module, and the RC receiver. It may also be used for programming Massoth decoders or updating their firmware.

A USB cable to connect the Module to PC is provided; a SUSI fast-update cable for updating decoders equipped with a SUSI interface is also provided.

7 - 55045 - LGB MTS PC Decoder Programming Module (locos)

This module is used to program the MTS locomotive and points decoders using a PC (Windows 95 or higher and before Windows 7 required). You can program all decoder functions be means of an easy-to-use, on-screen display, and you can see the results of most programming steps on the monitor of your PC. The MTS software included also features a programming guide to setting the DIP switches found on different MTS components. An LGB transformer (at least 2 amps) is required for programming. The module includes an interface cable (RS-232 9 conductor) and a power supply/decoder connecting cable/

8 – Loco Programming Box

Module No 7 is fitted inside this box with all the necessary components and connected to the computer with the cable provided via the slot marked 8a. 

The locos stay static on this box for programming.

9 – Track Power Connecting Leads 

These are the power connecting leads and shoes (9a) that I have used on the garden track and as can be seen this box.


Pond Filter System (For Information)

This photograph is included for the avoidance of any doubt, for those that may have seen this system in garden railway and pond articles, it is the filter system for my pond and completely independent of the railway controls.