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Track Dead Spots and Tunnel

I have been having trouble with dead spots on my OO layout, unfortunately some of them are in the tunnel.  This meant quite a lot of work.

 I intend to clean the track with IPA solution including in the tunnel. Most of the track is accessible with some stretching but the only proper way to do the track in the tunnel is to open the back of the tunnel to give me full access. 


Showing the full span of the tunnel.


The insets on this picture are, 1: The left had tunnel portal, 2: The right hand tunnel portal and 3: is the opposite end of the layout added to give you an idea of the size of the curve. The tunnel is slightly over 48 inches long (approx 1219mm) and curved.


1: The left hand portal. 


2: The right hand portal. 


This is a very early photograph of the tunnel being constructed. 


Inside the red dashed line is the space that I have to work in. I will of course move all the boxes and shelf unit out of the way. 


The offending tunnel is to the top right of this picture. 


In this picture you can see the opening that I have made in the tunnel. 


Taken from inside the tunnel through the right hand portal. 


Taken from inside the tunnel through the left hand portal.   



Checking to make sure how much space I need when I close the gap. 


All track cleaned.

I have left the tunnel open and made a temporary cover just in case I need to get at it again, (Hope not though)  


Now to put all the boxes back, and the shelves to the side. 


Everything put back 

I have decided to get rid of the conifers at the back of the station, but I am not sure yet what I will do there.




Published 25/10/2017


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