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Camping Coaches

Camping coaches were first introduced in July 1933, when there was a great deal of popular enthusiasm for hiking and camping as holiday activities. The coaches were old passenger vehicles no longer suitable for use in trains, that had been converted to provide basic sleeping and living space at static locations, off the main line.

 British Railways decided to end them in 1971, following a decline in bookings but there are still a few heritage railways and private companies that offer them at various locations.

If I was to have a camping coach on my layout I would need a disused branch line and I didn't so, I would have to make one.


Here goes then, this is the chosen area before: 



The hills and trees removed and a right hand point inserted for the branch Line


Plaster of Paris base with the track added.


A touch of base coat paint.


The coach arrives, it is a standard Hornby LNER Thompson 3rd Corridor Coach number 1010 (Cat No R745).  I have added curtains and a camping coach sign on the side.


The following photographs show further developments and while they are similar you should notice differences.