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Model Railways

January 2017

This month I decided to work on the canal and lock and get as much done as possible, the following pages show my progress. The pictures may seem very much the same but they are to show you the developments in detail where possible.



The basic layer of paint for the canal.  as you know pure water is clear but in a canal or any waterway the water is never pure and so in reality with a few exceptions, there is never really a right or wrong colour for the water.


The locks are in place but not as yet permanently fixed.





I have decide to model the lock. half full, or half empty, this is dependent on whether the boat/s are going up or down. 

This gives me 5 options with the boats, at the bottom going up, at the top going down, in the lock going up, in the lock going down or no boats at all.



The lock walls painted with the boats in these pictures rising.