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Along the Whiston Incline - The Exhibition

 The exhibition contains extracts from accounts of the Locomotive Trials, including drawings and sketches, contemporary views of the Railway at the time of its opening, scale models and dioramas, reproductions of prints depicting early locomotives, original relics, scenes from Liverpool & Manchester Railway as they are today, photographs of the Steam Cavalcade during the “Rocket 150” celebrations of 1980 and the story of how the coach itself was transported to Rainhill.

Inside the coach.




Plan and section of the Liverpool Manchester Railway from Henry Booth's Description of the Railway in 1830.


 Actual wrought iron chairs from G Stephenson's original rail of 1829.


This is an original Liverpool and Manchester wagon or coach axle box, the date on the casting is 1839 and suggests  it is an early example.

The leaf spring is wood and shows how it would have fitted to the rest of the chassis.

Unearthed early in the last century apparently, when foundations were being dug out at the site of the carriage and wagon works in Earlestown.  


This is an original cylinder off the loco Novelty