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Along the Whiston Incline - Whiston Railway Station

 Whiston Railway Station 

 Whiston Station taken from Roper's Bridge, towards Rainhill Railway Station (Liverpool - Manchester)


Whiston Station


Cumber Lane road bridge in the distance.


To Huyton Railway Station (Manchester - Liverpool)

Roper's Bridge in view.



Ropers Bridge.

Ropers Bridge, Dragon Lane Whiston is designated at grade II.

The bridge is one of the earliest bridges of the railway age, designed and built by George Stephenson about 1829 on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway Line, which is widely regarded as the earliest locomotive passenger line in the world

Despite some minor stonework replacement, the bridge is well preserved and in good condition with no evidence of widening. Architectural interest is enhanced by the angled design and the incorporation of rusticated stonework.

The bridge has strong group value with the nearby *Skew Bridge, Rainhill and the old *Railway Bridge, Pilch Lane, Huyton with Roby, also listed at Grade II. Together the bridges form an important contemporary and similarly designed group of angled bridges designed by George Stephenson as significant representative elements of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway Line and the early development of the British railway network.


Towards the bridge from Whiston village.


Off the bridge towards Whiston Village 


Off the bridge away from the village. 


Towards the village,