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Model Railways

July 2016

As with the update for June 2016, there are some more changes and additions this month, including 2 cottages and track side fences.




 There are changes in these pictures but you will have to look hard to find some of them. 



The two cottages in the middle at the back are moved around as we progress.



The lock keeper's cottage has been replaced with this thatched cottage it fits in much better.


I have started to add the brown track side fences.



I purchased a crossing keeper's cottage to use for the lock keeper's cottage and a thatched cottage to use by the pond in place of the original that I had there.

I wasn't very happy with the crossing keeper's cottage by the locks and decided to use the thatched cottage for the locks and put the crossing keeper's cottage by the pond, but I it didn't look quite right to me somehow.

The only place for the crossing keeper's cottage was by a crossing, and so to make room for it I had to re-do the hills by the crossing.


I have cleared this corner and reinstated the pond.


The fencing is very brittle and I had to be careful not to snap it.  It was also a bit of a problem keeping it in place going around the bends until the glue dried,so, as you can see I used dress maker's pins. This proved to be so effective and helpful, even on the straights.  I have also started work on the pond again.


I have at long last fitted the gates to the level crossings.