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Model Railways

January & February 2016

It has been quite a while since anything has been done on the layout, but I have always planned a waterway somewhere on it.

The only way is to add a further extension running along the front of the layout.

So here we go!



I ordered two kits to make the canal. locks and narrowboats, 1 motorboat with a butty.


These pictures show the proposed extension for the canal along the front.



A mock up plan of the double locks.


The boats waiting to be made.


The Balsa being prepared for the double locks.

At some stage I will need to add some buildings etc. but there is not much space so I decided to make a change to track.  Below are the two options that I came up with, either will allow space for the buildings



I have taken up all the track from the centre, to make it easier to make the change.  When the track was laid it was fastened down with weak PVA glue, ballested and then a slightly stronger mix of PVA to keep the ballast and the track in place.  I only needed to soak the track with a weak solution of water and washing up liquid.


Decision made, I wonder if you would have picked the same option.  The track is held in place with drawing pins as a temporary measure until the track is ballasted.