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Model Railways

Making The Truss Bridge

If you have read the article The Garden Canal in this section you will know that we had put a river in the garden.  This meant that the track would cross the river near the base of the waterfall so a bridge was needed.

This is a pictorial account of how we made the the Truss Bridge. 


 The river showing the need for a bridge to carry the track over, however later on we filled in the river and made a canal, as can be seen in the article The Garden Canal as above.  


The base 6 feet long (1828.8mm) is made of wood and the main structure is made with steel bike spokes and the aluminium frame from a set of double internal dividing doors that I had discarded. 


 The base with the bottom rails of the bridge attached.


Here Chris is drilling the holes for the spokes. 


Inserting the spokes


 Giving a rough idea of how the sides will look with laced spokes when completed.


 Lacing the spokes to create the correct effect.


 Both sides laced and attached, fitting the top and threading the spokes through the holes that Chris had pre-drilled with the correct spacing