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Sankey Brook-St.Helens Canal

The Sankey Canal was originally known as the Sankey Brook Navigation and later the St.Helens Canal, entirely located within Lancashire, in the northwest of England, connecting St.Helens with the River Mersey.

It is claimed to be the first modern canal in England, or the first canal of the industrial age, it opened before its more famous neighbour, the Bridgewater Canal. 

When opened in 1757, it ran along the valley of the Sankey Brook from the point where the brook joined the River Mersey, to a location to the north east of St Helens. Extensions were constructed at the Mersey end of the canal, firstly to Fiddlers Ferry and then to Widnes, while at the northern end, it was extended into what became the centre of St Helens. Abandoned gradually between 1931 and 1963. Since 1985 there has been an attempt to restore it by the Sankey Canal Restoration Society .

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