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Major Changes

I'm beginning to wonder if we should have started.

We decided to put an expanse of water at the back of the layout and also to included a canal., when we actually started I had my doubts about it being a good idea.

We agreed that we would need to extend the baseboard to the back of the wall, not much of a task in itself, but then we would have to move the suspension bridge, which meant re-directing some of the elevate track.  Having done this we then realized that it would cause problems with the track and the tunnel mouth nearby, just a slight adjustment to the inclined track.

Or so we thought, not so it had turned out to be a major job.  We had lifted the inclined track completely to change its course and also most of the elevated track.  As I have already said we are planning a major expanse of water but what do we use, we could use real water as in the garden, maybe not, but we will come up with something

What a mess as you can see we really did cut the canal, still all the joys of playing trains.


 Starting to rebuild:



We have also taken the decision to move the fairground to the other end of the layout but the 'helter skelter' appears  to be out of scale so that will be going. 

This bridge was made for us by Andy of AM Models.

 The loose wires will be replaced with chains.

The canal and water expanse are now taking shape.


These boats were also made for us by Andy. (AMModels)

As you can see there is still a lot to do, so as they say watch this space. 

Originally posted 18/03/2007




For varying reasons it has been quite some time since I posted any information and I felt an update was needed.  At long last it is here with these pictures that were all taken in March 2008.

Along with the other changes to the baseboard we have also extended the raised section to give us more room.  The separate HOe (OO9) layout is ideal for its purpose, as you can see we have started to develop a pleasure park.

The grey base on the park is actually a Z scale kit of the Neuschwanstein Castle from my Z scale starter set. The scale doesn't matter though in the park. 


This set was my introduction to Z scale: Marklin 81785 " King Ludwig II" Z scale starter set .  King Ludwig built the castle on top of ruins of a much smaller castle.  Rather than use the castle on my Z layout I will incorporate it in the pleasure park.

Further progress on the canal basin.



The finished bridge with the chains fitted and yes it is the same bridge as in the picture above, although I have to admit that I did spray water in the canal to enhance the picture. 

A narrowboat enters the tunnel.

Various views of the suspension bridge, canal and river in the background.

So much yet to do but it must be time for a break. 

It seems hard to believe that  3 years have passed since the last update in March 2008 and not very much done.  Not only to my Train Room layouts OO & 009 but also the garden and the Z.  There are however very good reasons that I won't go into here.

These are the sizes of the the layout now and there is no room for any further expansion. 


Progress in the park.  The white shapes are the proposed places for various things to be added but where they are placed is subject to change. 


Back to the main layout.

The farm starts to shape shape and of course the walls need to be cut and fitted properly.

From a different angle.

The canal basin and river.  

 A new scratch built pig sty to replace the original temporary one.  The pigs look much happier in this one. 



The various side-shows and the castle are now ready to take their place in the park. 

And now in situ.






Let's make a proper start with 'Foxshaw Gardens Pleasure Park'.

Most things have been removed off the baseboard to avoid damage while I cut the holes for the subway steps, showing 1 set in place.

It's looking like a pleasure park more and more now, but with the exception of the castle things could still be moved around.   If you are wondering what the grey bases are for, they are fairground ride kits yet to be made. 


If you fancy a quick meal you can pop into the cafe any time. 

Progress on the farm.

The river is also taking shape.

Developing the village.

 Still more to be done.

There are still things to do on this layout.  Some of the kits for the Pleasure Park have yet to be made so that can be finished.  You may also notice trees lying around that have yet to be planted. The most obvious is the 'Main Street' and lots of odds and ends.

In the main street I need to sort out the garden fences and gates and also the actual the gardens.

At least you can have a leisurely drink in the Masons Arms while the youngster play.

Overhead photographs.

If you look carefully you should be able to see where the fences are going to be placed.


I feel like I can say that I am really getting somewhere now.


January 2013

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