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Major Changes - 3. Back On Track:

It seems hard to believe that  3 years have passed since the last update in March 2008 and not very much done.  Not only to my Train Room layouts OO & 009 but also the garden and the Z.  There are however very good reasons that I won't go into here.

These are the sizes of the the layout now and there is no room for any further expansion. 


Progress in the park.  The white shapes are the proposed places for various things to be added but where they are placed is subject to change. 


Back to the main layout.

The farm starts to shape shape and of course the walls need to be cut and fitted properly.

From a different angle.

The canal basin and river.  

 A new scratch built pig sty to replace the original temporary one.  The pigs look much happier in this one. 



The various side-shows and the castle are now ready to take their place in the park. 

And now in situ.