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Major Changes - 2. Slowly Getting There:

For varying reasons it has been quite some time since I posted any information and I felt an update was needed.  At long last it is here with these pictures that were all taken in March 2008.

Along with the other changes to the baseboard we have also extended the raised section to give us more room.  The separate HOe (OO9) layout is ideal for its purpose, as you can see we have started to develop a pleasure park.

The grey base on the park is actually a Z scale kit of the Neuschwanstein Castle from my Z scale starter set. The scale doesn't matter though in the park. 


This set was my introduction to Z scale: Marklin 81785 " King Ludwig II" Z scale starter set .  King Ludwig built the castle on top of ruins of a much smaller castle.  Rather than use the castle on my Z layout I will incorporate it in the pleasure park.

Further progress on the canal basin.



The finished bridge with the chains fitted and yes it is the same bridge as in the picture above, although I have to admit that I did spray water in the canal to enhance the picture. 

A narrowboat enters the tunnel.

Various views of the suspension bridge, canal and river in the background.

So much yet to do but it must be time for a break.