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Model Railways

Major Changes

I'm beginning to wonder if we should have started.

We decided to put an expanse of water at the back of the layout and also to included a canal., when we actually started I had my doubts about it being a good idea.

We agreed that we would need to extend the baseboard to the back of the wall, not much of a task in itself, but then we would have to move the suspension bridge, which meant re-directing some of the elevate track.  Having done this we then realized that it would cause problems with the track and the tunnel mouth nearby, just a slight adjustment to the inclined track.

Or so we thought, not so it had turned out to be a major job.  We had lifted the inclined track completely to change its course and also most of the elevated track.  As I have already said we are planning a major expanse of water but what do we use, we could use real water as in the garden, maybe not, but we will come up with something

What a mess as you can see we really did cut the canal, still all the joys of playing trains.


 Starting to rebuild:



We have also taken the decision to move the fairground to the other end of the layout but the 'helter skelter' appears  to be out of scale so that will be going. 

This bridge was made for us by Andy of AM Models.

 The loose wires will be replaced with chains.

The canal and water expanse are now taking shape.


These boats were also made for us by Andy. (AMModels)

As you can see there is still a lot to do, so as they say watch this space. 

Originally posted 18/03/2007