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Model Railways

Update 2014

I wanted to add a camping coach to my layout but realised that I didn't have a suitable place and that I would have to make a slight alteration to the layout, so, off we go again.


First introduced in the early 1930s camping coaches were very popular but started to decline in the mid 1960s, British Railways finished offering them in 1971. A few heritage railways and private companies still offer coaches at various locations. I decided to start from scratch and make a suitable line.

This is the chosen area before: 


I had to clear the base board area before I could start, that done I put a right hand point in the track for the abandoned line. 

Plaster of Paris base with the rest of the line added.

A touch of base coat paint.

The coach arrives. it is a Hornby LNER Thompson 3rd Corridor Coach number 1010 (Cat No R745)

The remainder of the photographs show further developments and while they are similar you should notice differences.