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Model Railways

How It Started

Well in the Train Room Anyway

A Hornby R674 Midnight Freight train set for Christmas 1990 was the start of a layout that has been in 3 different rooms and in many guises.  The room that it is in now will be its permanent home, I think.  It has a baseboard 12 feet by 4 feet. 

An earlier rather ambitious start before it was moved into the train room, this layout was never developed any further.


We originally gave the room the grandiose name 'The Hornby Suite' but always referred to it as the 'Train Room' and that has stuck, so now it's the Train Room and that's official.

This was the original setup after transferring it into the Train Room.


We had all kiinds of things planned but it just seemed to get more and more cluttered, as you can see.

We would reduce the actual amount of track laid and to try and make it more interesting, having a love of canals we would add one somewhere in the layout.  We contacted Andy of AM Models to see if he would make us a couple of narrowboats and also a lift bridge.

We also decided that somewhere along the way we have to add houses, shops etc. and also if possible a fairground. 

At least they were our plans, but who knows? 

Originally posted on 19/10/2002, updated 17/03/2007

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