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Model Railways

Around The Layout 2

 Continuing the pictorial tour round the Train Room layout.

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1. Along The Canal:


An overhead view of the canal and river 


A narrowboat about to enter the tunnel. 



 Working boats leaving the tunnel.




With a private leisure boat moored ahead in the distance.  


At the back of the farm. 


Privately owned leisure narrowboat moored up. 




The canal turns into the basin with the crossing to the beach and river with a holiday coach to the right. 



Overhead views of the Mason Arms 



2. To The Canal Basin:


Another overhead view, the village hall and school, garage and church.


From the back of the Masons Arms across the canal basin. 



Close ups of the lift bridge.






The Masons Arms takes a delivery with the '4-6-2 City of Edinburgh loco' rounding the bend.



Overhead shots around the basin.




A Working boat waiting to unload its cargo. 



 3. To The Pleasure Park:


A few more photographs of the area around the basin before we go to the Pleasure Park. 





The Pleasure Park: 




A train arriving with trippers to the Pleasure Park. 


The Station. 



This is a different loco arriving at the station.  Over the footbridge and then the subway into the park, with a small playground on the right.  A narrow gauge loco is waiting at the park's station.


Following the track we come to the 'wild animal' tunnel, with a couple of coaches waiting to be restored on the left in the maintenance yard. 





4. At The Pleasure Park:


The loco shed and sidings. 


An overhead view




The Fantasy Castle. 




Back to the park's station. 


On the train heading home. 





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