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Model Railways

The Rebuild

If you have read the original Z Gauge article 'Setting Up', on page 4 - On The Move you will recall that in May 2013 it was partially dismantled because it was being moved from its permanent location to a new one. This articles follows the rebuilding of the layout.


This is a reminder of the layout when partially dismantled to move it. 

I have finally found time to start working on the layout again. As you can see the worst affected part was around the raised forest and the river feed to the waterfall.

I have decided to change the layout so that I can lift the 'forest' if necessary to gain access to the track without the need to disturb the waterfall and river.


Just in case you are wondering about the hooks, they will be left in but hidden in the trees so that it will be easier for me to lift the top when necessary.