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Model Railways

The Original Setup


 To start our Z collection and layout we initially purchased a Marklin - 81785 "King Ludwig II" starter set on 10th January 2003.





The Set. 


The Contents
Prototype: 1 Royal Bavarian State Railroad (K.Bay.Sts.B.) class S 3/6 express locomotive with tender.
1 type ABCCü express train passenger car,
1st/2nd/3rd class passenger car,
1 type CCü express train baggage car.
1 extensive "Neuschwanstein Castle" building kit
with track, controller and also a rerailer



The basic track layout as supplied in the starter set.

 We had decided at an early stage to have a mountain in one corner with the track running underneath it. The tunnel mouths are so small at this scale that we had to consider possible derailments and stopping within the tunnel.

 The base of the mountain showing the track, note there is no front to the assembly at this point.


 The finished base of the mountain, note the front, but this is detachable to allow easy access should there be any problems underneath.  You can just see two nails set in to lift the front out should in be necessary, but the nail is only temporary until a permanent solution is sorted out.


To enhance the layout we have added extra track. We have also included a river and waterfall with running water.  There is still a lot more work to do on this layout.  Oh if you are wondering where the castle is, when it is built it will feature on our Train Room layout in a pleasure park.


A train going through the tunnel.

Note in this image the £1 coin. it is 22mm high.