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Of My Model Railway Layouts


A video of my 'OO' layout

as seen from the

cab and also the guards van.





N Layout Part 3 - The Canal, Lock and other changes


Continuing development up to 30th April 2017



N Layout Part 2 - The Layout Progresses


Carrying on with my N Layout up to 30th June 2016



N Layout Part 1 - The Story So Far


The development of my N Layout, up to 30th September 2015. 


Many thanks to manne200925 for giving me permission to use his music: Der Zar und das Madchen, The Tsar and the Girl.

Layouts Update Video December 2014


A photographic update of my OO,HOe,G and Z layouts. - With thanks to Robert Trebec for permission to use his music.


Update June 2011


This is the latest video, albeit in 2011 of the progress on our indoor layouts.


Z Layout


Made in February 2009, this shows the basics of the setting up of our Z layout. More work has been done but there is still a lot more to do.


A G Scale Garden Railway in 2½ Minutes


Well maybe a bit longer. There was a lot more involved in setting up the garden railway than we first thought. Since being made in June 2008 there has been little change to the actual layout of the track other than to move the sidings slightly.


OO & HOe Layouts


An early video of the Train Room 'OO' & HOe Layouts.


Experimental Night Video


An early experimental attempt at making a night time video with an LGB steam tram, and digital camera. All sound is genuine, the water in the background is a waterfall into my garden pond.


When I made this I was not a member of You Tube and so it wasn't made with the intention of uploading it. I kept it dark to try and get the full effect of the lights and the tram coming at me out of the darkness


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