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This website was originally started in November 2002 by Chris my son to compliment, the indoor layouts, the garden pond and also the garden railway. We are not professionals in these topics but hopefully you will find our website both interesting and helpful. Constructive criticism on the website in general or on any of the various topics featured is always welcome .

If you would like a reciprocal (two-way) link with FGO please contact us. however only suitable family friendly sites will be accepted. 




Their new website will show as being "Under Construction" from the beginning of next week, and the new address is http://widnesmodelcentre.co.uk 

For a trial period they are opening late on Wednesdays until 8pm to help commuters from Runcorn and Liverpool.


 This is picture from one of my layouts, you can find out which by visiting my layouts HERE



Whilst only small compared to some, our associate Boats and Canals Forum prides itself on being informative and friendly.

In addition to all things boats and waterways there are also categories for various other topics, including steam and railways full size and models, so why not pay us a visit and see for yourself just click the banner below.



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Puppies. Kittens. A Chocolate Train.
My G Scale Locos. B&C Picture of the Month. Birds

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